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Actions to reduce use include using recycled water for lorry washing and outdoor areas, and significant investment in sub metering technology and software. See how we can help maximize recovery rates and provide realtime visibility. I have been in the sub metering industry for 23 years working for 2 companies before starting champion utility sub metering solutions in 2005. To request the latest software update please complete the online form or contact us directly. When champion was founded, it was our mission to build lasting relationships and to deliver exceptional customer service. We have been manufacturing electric meters since 1989 with a spotless reputation for quality power meters while standing behind the products sold. Typical users of sub metering are units, duplexes, townhouses, apartment complexes, and commercial buildings. Sub metering improves building operations management. Hvac, interiorexterior lighting, receptacles, and other loads.

Attractive incentives upon completion of installation. Water sub metering is the implementation of a multiwater meter system that allows multiunit property owners to measure their own individual water usage and be charged for their respective water consumption. Mar 28, 2012 for the love of physics walter lewin may 16, 2011 duration. Submetering differs from master metering, where a landlord purchases energy at a commercial customer rate and then sub meters electricity to tenants at a residential or smaller commercial rate. Operation, maintenance and energy management pocket app. Collaboration with developer to create costeffective and flexible design layouts for metering solutions. Submetering does exactly what is says on the tin it measures the amount of electricity or gas being used within premises in a precise and noninvasive manner. A powerlogic system of meters, software, and power quality solutions help manage all energy assets, every second of the day. It allows for a flexible wiring configuration to monitor. Never miss your champion utility submetering services bill again. Click through to learn more about our integrated energy solutions for residential real estate. Individual wattnode electrical energy meters isolate the performance of the air conditioning systems two highcurrent chiller pumps. It provides a comprehensive overview of power quality and consumption empowering users to capture and. Sep 30, 2005 the face of submetering in the international markets is also changing.

Gas is a staple energy source for many industrial and residential establishments. A site survey conducted by champion s sub metering experts will help determine the meters youll need, which data collection software will be used to read your meters, and where the. Submetering for leed certification continental control systems. Miltels speedread technology has been implemented in many submetering applications in europe, the far east, and the middle east. Maintained and monitored energy sub metering system for 60 buildings, 7. With a combined experience of 40 years, champion s team is equipped to help you choose the right codecompliant sub metering system to best suit your project. Our turnkey submetering and billing services provide a simple, highquality solution for every property. So when your looking for a sub metering company, know that champion will always act an extension of your company, working together for our mutual success. Champion submetering services, llc filed as a florida limited liability in the state of florida and is no longer active. Our configuration and installation tool software provides a userfriendly interface with the submetering network from a windows pc. The short guide to energy submetering wsu energy program. Instead of complicated meter readings, devices that automatically record consumption can send 100% accurate data to billing software that can visualize the. With a combined experience of 40 years, champions team is equipped to help you choose the right codecompliant submetering system to best suit your project.

A powerlogic system enables all stakeholders, from ceo to facility and engineering. Submetering electricity at residential apartment buildings. Water meters vary in cost depending on size, type and specific features. The qlic e meter 400 is a meter designed to fulfill the new ashrae 90. The newest addition to the quadlogic system is finally out. Tenant sub metering is a broad term applied to the use of hardware and software to bill tenants in commercial facilities for their actual usage of energy.

Our enmat software is a webbased utility monitoring system, which allows you to visualise and manage the consumption of various utilities including electricity, gas, water, compressed air, steam and heat, power quality, and carbon emissions. Utility sub metering is a system that allows a landlord, property management firm, condominium association, homeowners association, or other multitenant property to bill tenants for individual measured utility usage. The wharf submeters water, gas and electric consumers. Elexicon group to champion energy management best practices. From installation to billing, studebaker has got you covered. With todays rapidly escalating utility costs, sub metering is not just a choice its a necessity. Our services cover the full spectrum of resident tenant billing from simple rubs or read, bill and collect rbc to multiutility convergent and fully integrated paperless billing. Champion has its own service company and it only partners with leading manufacturers like leviton, master meter, norgas, and cereniti.

In canada, neptune has extended its reach by investing in the creation of endtoend smart water metering and utility services. Through an online dashboard, both champion and management can monitor consumption trends, anomalies and equipment performance. Digital metering industrial and commercial power quality. Champion is continuously evolving to meet changing market conditions and the needs of our clients. Residential water meters for sale hot or cold water. The approach makes use of individual meters as per the relevant utility.

Paul codella n east regional manager at champion utility sub metering woodstown, new jersey utilities. Number of computers in the network which have the software application installed. Identify buildings, subbuildings, and end uses to submeter using criteria such as size and function of building, future building plans, heating and cooling loads, etc. Submetering benefits and applications the benefits of submetering to measure is to manage and theres no better way of doing it than by using a sinergy submetering solution. Support your energy initiatives with the only solution for utility billing, energy management and submeter data administration that is built into yardi voyager, and backed by 247 live customer service. Rubs services, management software data auditing, and utility invoice processing. Submeters allow the enduser to receive detailed consumption information, which allows the customer to avoid cost increases with timeofusage billing and to take advantage of offpeak rates. Pay champion utility submetering services with prism prism. The individual meters measure a units usage and in turn the tenant is billed accordingly. With emon energy software, you can combine all of your utility service data including gas, electric, water and steam into a single location to see how, when and. Sep 29, 2017 according to the leed credit ea advanced energy metering it is mandatory to install advanced energy metering for any individual energy end uses that represent 10% or more of the total annual consumption of the building. Prioritize buildings using criteria such as energy use intensity, future plans, or presence of a willing energy champion. Charles bianco president champion utility submetering.

Our guide on sub metering arrangements provides further information and can be found at. Utility costs are one of the highest expenditures for a building. Elexicon groups leadership in bringing rtem to market in canada will accelerate industrys adoption of emerging best practices, stated paul mertes. Our enmat software is a webbased utility monitoring system, which allows you to visualise and manage the consumption of various utilities including. Therefore, only sophisticated software will be installed and it will provide you with the data analysis youre looking for. Champion submeters water, gas, electric and btu at hoffman. Software metering rules summary based on the rules added for metering of a particular software, this report provides the following details. While the functions and benefits of each meter will often vary, you can rest assured that whichever one you choose, you will get. A user id is a user name and password that can be used to access several honeywell web sites. Sub metering also known as suite metering or userpay metering is the measurement of the commodity i. Building a strong reputation as the trusted partner and provider of sub metering solutions to embedded networtk managers, commercial real estate and property developers, building portfolio owners and strata managers. Water champion in northern ireland moy park received the consumer councils water champion award in 2014 for reducing water use by 100,000m3, equivalent to 52 olympic sized swimming pools.

Pay champion utility submetering services with prism. By increasing the cost per kwh, consumers will shift their usage to offpeak and reduce the chance that the grid reaches dangerous capacity levels. Hobe sound, fl champion utility billing services, a floridabased company that specializes in advanced sub metering technology and billing services for utility energy management, is proud to announce it is the new sub metering provider for the wharf in washington, dc. Sub metering bill calculator if you live in a building that is sub metered a building with one master electric meter that supplies several living units through individual submeters, use the calculator below to determine what your electric charges would have been if you had been billed by con edison directly.

Our ability to synchronize data keeps you on the same page with your onsite management team. Nearly a decade later it is still a tenet we adhere to every day. Creating a user id will simplify your honeywell online application experience by allowing you to access honeywell sites with a common username and password. Richard ley regional manager at champion utility sub metering solutions port saint lucie, florida 35 connections. By sub metering, building owners and operators are able to better control operational costs, allowing them to focus on other priorities. Power meters, power monitoring equipment and software from the moment power enters your facility to the instant it is used by a process, tenant or equipment, eaton s complete family of industryleading power management products metering devices, protective relays, communications hardware and software will monitor, analyze, measure and control. Emon offers a variety of metering solutions to fit your specific application including. Submetering has grown steadily since it was invented in the early 1920s. Our customer service is always available and ready to help with your sales or service needs. The most popular form of submetering is water submetering, although, on many occasions, each utility is submetered. This corporate entity was filed approximately nine years ago on tuesday, november 29, 2011, according to public records filed with florida department of state. Paul codella n east regional manager champion utility.

Ssi brings over 20 years of experience in comprehensive billing services. Mar 22, 2018 the wharf, the largest waterfront development in washington, has installed sub metering systems to recapture water, gas, electric and btu charges. Epm 9700 high performance power quality metering with advanced logging and communications the epm 9700 is a high performance iec 6430 class a edition 3 power quality meter with innovative logging and communication features ideal for utility, industrial and commercial applications. For the love of physics walter lewin may 16, 2011 duration. Our technology is the leading the sub metering industry. Sub metering is the implementation of a system that allows a residents welfare associations rwa or property management companies to bill residents for water or any other utility measured on usage. The prc group chooses champion as its submetering provider. The leaders in the commercial industry are transitioning to this methodology. Reporting the sub metering data directly into web servers offers the facility manager the capacity to export the data into commonly used programs such as ms excel, where the data can be compared and interrogated with other data, such as budgets, outside air, open times, occupancy, people traffic and so forth. Leviton submetering solutions energy costs are rising faster than ever before, making the reduction of energy consumption by businesses an. Request tapwatch3 software download tapwatch3 is the legacy pcbased software used by utility billing providers to generate reads data for an rdl8500 remote data logger connected to the internet via a dial up connection. Simply generate professional bills for building tenants based on accurate and automatic metering data of kilowatthour energy usage. Elexicon group to champion energy management best practices with.

Submetering benefits and applications sinergy meters. Quadlogic controls quadlogic smart metering systems. Advantages of submetering powerstream energy services. Mdts are the network endpoints connected to each meter. Download submetering software updates, product manuals and spec sheets. Management guide assessing and purchasing submetering. The project was implemented in partnership with champion utility billing services, following the signing of an agreement reached in october 2016. When considering submetering commercial projects, radio systems are the preferred method for collecting data. Enmat energy monitoring system business electricty monitoring. Champion installed an advanced sub metering system to track tenants individual water usage on a granular level. Software update advanced monitoring solutions submetering. Metering solutions, including, smart meters for bms, control or amr.

Designed for facility management and billing service companies. Provides an integrated onlineoffline solution for sub metering, billing and collecting services to respond to customer expectation, cost pressure and market change. In the uk, heathrow, stansted, and luton airports have been submetered by a local water utility. Emon energy software accurate and timely snapshots of your facilitys energy use are essential to support energy management initiatives. All metering equipment, hardware and software is provided and includes installation, commissioning and validation services. Elexicon groups leadership in bringing rtem to market in canada will accelerate industrys adoption of emerging best practices, stated paul mertes, president and ceo of circuitmeter inc.

The root node of the network is the dcap which manages the network and collects the meter data. Our technology is the leading the submetering industry. A site survey conducted by champions submetering experts will help determine the meters youll need, which data collection software will be used to read your meters, and where the. It provides realtime data that can be obtained 247 eliminating any human errors that may arise otherwise. The proximity hotel installed submetering equipment to measure energy use by heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting, and other important energy subsystems. Gas meters are used in line with smart energy consumption systems used to monitor and control use. Resulting savings for the building can then be diverted to the building reserve fund or.

Submetering definition of submetering by merriamwebster. We use the latest in submetering and utility billing technology, including advanced billingdata management software with expandable. Power metering low voltage electrical meters schneider. Ecostruxure facility expert formerly known as facility hero is a powerful app designed to make your operations simpler, more effective, more convenient and to make your processes and assets more reliable. This paper examines the barriers to submetering and monitoring in industrial facilities, and. Champion maximizes utility recapture and bills the tenants at. Inovonics cannot assist in the transfer of the access rights to a dcc or rdl to any entity that has not been trained in the use of tapwatch software and who. And in conjunction with the city bills, champion s billing department will be producing monthly bills. Sub metering is the installation of meters in addition to existing primary billing meters. A regional leader in real estate development and investment, baystone hired champion to submeter each space at the buckley for water, and subsequently bill. May 31, 2019 circuitmeter is thrilled to have elexicon group become its first utility affiliate channel partner offering stateoftheart submetering technology to its broad utility client base. Submetering definition is the retail sale through individual meters to tenants in large office or apartment buildings of electric current or gas purchased for the entire building by the owners at wholesale rates. Welcome to the submetering solutions from obvius website page in the solutions section of the obvius web site, a leading energy solutions provider offering meters, wireless metering, data acquisition, software, and monitoring technologies.

Champion will also provide billing services to city line west. We account for every drop of water used and accurately bill the responsible resident. Government studies indicate that sub metering a property can reduce the amount of water usage by as much as 25%. Sub metering refers to the individual metering of utilities in a building, and sub meters are the physical metering devices that monitor utilities, such as watersewer, gas and electric. Generally, a property owner may substitute one form of metering for another, subject to certain regulatory requirements. While the focus is on electrical submetering, there is some information on types of meters. This allows you to be able to measure and record the utility usage for individual areas within your building. Twentytwo states, three counties and washington, d. Once a homeowner becomes accountable they will be quick to fix their leaks. Typically, in small service buildings, lighting and other small loads e.

If you own or manage a multiunit property, sub metering can save you an average of 25 percent on your water bills. Paneltrack, powercom2, pulse counter and powerserve amr software. What if i have sub metering system is in place, but its not working correctly. Enertivs automated electric sub metering software streamlines the entire tenant metering and submeter billing process. Champion submetering services, llc company profile. Power metering and power monitoring equipment and software. In order to ensure a smooth install job, champion partnered with sub metering s. Submetering provides the granularity needed to determine how and where energy is being used. With over 30 years of water utility service experience.

We use the latest in sub metering and utility billing technology, including advanced billingdata management software with expandable functionality. The complete submetering solution consists of three wireless network elements and related software all specifically designed for wireless utility submetering in large multifloor apartment buildings, campuses and industrial complexes. Monitor, control, and manage energy usage through submetering strategies, which track energy usage and power consumption for individual tenants, departments, and pieces of equipment or other loads to account for their actual energy usage. Hoas currently fund the homeowners lack of attention to leaky faucets, toilets, hose bibs etc in one scottsdale hoa alone over 9 months in 09 we saved. Submetering involves the installation of equipment to measure and bill each units water, gas, or electric use. Ecostruxure facility expert works on your smartphone or tablet, so you can stay in touch. When used with remote meter reading technology, consumption data can be readily captured to allow regular reporting. Verifeye highquality electric meters suit nearly any residential, commercial, or industrial application.

Monitoring the water consumption of each unit promotes individual accountability and ultimately leads to conservation of our precious water supply. The concept of sub metering in usa was invented sometime in the 1920s. Prism lets you track and pay all your bills in one single, intuitive app. Restored to full operating condition four separate energy sub metering data acquisition software systems allowing for accurate building energy consumption reports for budgeting and cost allocation. A national chain of hotels needed to gain a greater understanding of their water and gas usage and use the data to create a myriad of reports, for both internal use and compliance reporting such as nabers national australian built environmental ratings scheme.

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